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001 A.D. Winans - Whispers from hell (October 2002) Chapbook
002 Gato Clemente - Dharma, Betrayal and Bukowski's Plaid Shirt (November 2002) Chapbook
003 Gerald Locklin - More Takes on Bill Evans (December 2002) Chapbook
004 Henry Denander - How to Draw Like Picasso (December 2002) Broadside 
005 Henry Denander - I Know What She Will Say (December 2002) Chapbook
006 Al Fogel - The Switch (December 2002) Chapbook
007 David Barker - Stories from the Brink (December 2002) Chapbook

008 S.A. Griffin - Duckwalking thru the Apocalypse (January 2003) Chapbook
009 Various - Box #1 (January 2003) Box set of chapbooks
010 Various - Bottle #1 (April 2003) Broadside collection.
011 t. l. kryss - Sunflower Wars (May 2003) Chapbook
012 Bradley Mason Hamlin - Sunset of the Dead (May 2003) Chapbook
013 justin.barrett - I Was a Third Grade Genius… (May 2003) Chapbook
014 Adrian Manning - Wretched Songs for Out of Tune Musicians (May 2003) Chapbook
015 Charles Bukowski - Afternoons into Night (June 2003) Broadside
016 justin.barrett - Booger (June 2003) Chapbook
017 Owen Roberts - My Best Years Are Probably Behind Me (June 2003) Chapbook
018 justin.barrett - The van Gogh of Poetry (September 2003) Letterpress postcard
019 Charles Bukowski - as Buddha smiles (October 2003) Letterpress broadside Collection
020 justin.barrett - Flight 451 (October 2003) Letterpress broadside
021 Gerald Locklin - The Dorset Poems (October 2003) Chapbook
022 Marc Snyder - Portraits: Linocuts by Marc Snyder (November 2003) Art Book  
023 Various - Aggressivebehavior Anthologyone (November 2003) Anthology (With Compulsive Press)
024 David Barker - Quartet (December 2003) Letterpress booklet

025 David Barker - Lunch Hour Poems (January 2004) Chapbook
026 Ann Menebroker - Something Might Happen (January 2004) Letterpress broadside
027 Various - Box #2 (January 2004) Box set of chapbooks
028 Various - Bottle #2 (April 2004) Broadside collection
029 Various - Six Pack #1 (May 2004) Letterpress broadside collection
030 d.a. levy - Passover ’65 (June 2004) Letterpress mini broadside
031 Various - Six Pack #2 (June 2004) Letterpress broadside collection
032 Don Chrand - Cicadas (June 2004) Letterpress broadside
033 A.D. Winans - The Wrong Side of Town (July 2004) Letterpress broadside
034 Various - Six Pack #3 (July 2004) Letterpress broadside collection
035 A.D. Winans - Dreams That Won’t Let Me Alone (July 2004) Chapbook
036 d.a. levy - Children’s Song (August 2004) Letterpress broadside
037 Various - Six Pack #4 (September 2004) Letterpress broadside Collection
038 Ed Galing - Where Do We Go From Here? (November 2004) Letterpress broadside collection
039 Freeman Converse - Scarlet Fever 1843 (November 2004) Letterpress booklet

040 Henry Denander - Weeks like this (January 2005) Book
041 justin.barrett - Liquid Jesus (January 2005) Letterpress booklet
042 Nathan Graziano - Welcome to New Hampshire (January 2005) Letterpress broadside
043 Nathan Graziano - Labor Day (January 2005) Chapbook
044 d.a. levy - For a Rainy Day (January 2005) Letterpress broadside
045 Glenn W. Cooper - How I Lost my Faith (February 2005) Letterpress broadside
046 Glenn W. Cooper - First Touch (February 2005) Chapbook
047 Karl Koweski - Arad Library (February 2005) Letterpress broadside
048 Karl Koweski - Can’t Kill A Man Born to Hang (March 2005) Chapbook
049 Henry Denander - In the News (March 2005) Letterpress booklet
050 Various - Bottle #3 (April 2005) Letterpress broadside collection
051 Matt Smith - The Dullard (June 2005) Chapbook
052 Owen Roberts - Treadmill (June 2005) Letterpress booklet
053 John Dorsey - Steal this Imagination (July 2005) Letterpress postcard
054 Anonymous - Democracy (July 2005) Letterpress postcard
055 justin.barrett - 25 Best loved poems of the Future (July 2005) Chapbook
056 t.l. kryss - Brotherhood (August 2005) Letterpress broadside
057 David Barker - Slept Here (September 2005) Letterpress booklet
058 Various - Six Pack #5 (September 2005) Letterpress Broadside Collection
059 Various - Six Pack 1-5 (September 2005) Letterpress Broadside collection bound in slipcase
060 Bradley Mason Hamlin - Murder No Mistake (October 2005) Letterpress broadside
061 t.l. kryss - Sunlight (October 2005) Letterpress broadside
062 Dan Fante - Renewal (October 2005) Single story chapbook
063 Various - Sometimes City undercovers (December 2005) chapbook (with Rose of Sharon press)
064 d.a. levy - Other Communications (December 2005) Letterpress printed booklet
065 Richard Krech - After the Lapin Agile (December 2005) Broadside

066 A.D. Winans - Dies Dominica XII Januarius MCMXXXVI (January 2006) Letterpress broadside
067 Bill R. Roberts - A Lost Quatrain of Nostradamus (January 2006) Letterpress broadside
068 Ann Menebroker - Tuning In (January 2006) Letterpress booklet
069 A.D. Winans - The World’s Last Rodeo (January 2006) Chapbook
070 Soheyl Dahi - Hydra: Deeper than Bones (February 2006) chapbook
071 Adrian Manning - A Tourist, A Pilgrim, A Truth (March 2006) Letterpress booklet
072 Various - Bottle #4 (April 2006) Letterpress broadside collection
073 Christopher Cunningham - Words like Terror (May 2006) Letterpress broadside
074 t.l. kryss - In a Time Without Sunflowers (June 2006) Chapbook
075 Mark Terrill - Postcards from Mount Sumeru (June 2006) Letterpress booklet
076 Christopher Cunningham - And Still the Night Left to Go: {poems & Letters} (July 2006) Two chapbook set
077 David Barker - The Stupidity of the Masses (July 2006) Letterpress Postcard  
078 Anonymous - LIbErtieS (July 2006) Letterpress postcard
079 Christopher Cunningham - An Essential Misery (September 2006) Letterpress booklet
080 d.a. levy - A Mantra to Protect One From the Viet Cong (North & South) (October 2006) Letterpress broadside
081 Kent Taylor - Connecting the Dots (October 2006) Letterpress broadside
082 Jake Marx - Cindy (November 2006) Letterpress broadside
083 Richard Krech - Second Opinion (December 2006) Booklet

084 Owen Roberts - Two Coats (February 2007) Letterpress broadside
085 Hosho McCreesh - Like Astrophysics… (February 2007) Letterpress broadside
086 Henry Denander - The Poetry of Mr. Blue (March 2007) Booklet
087 Various - Bottle #5 (April 2007) Letterpress broadside collection.
088 Adrian Manning - Repeating the Mantra (June 2007) Chapbook
089 Gerald Locklin - The Ristorante Godot (August 2007) Chapbook
090 Lawrence Ferlinghetti - Pity the Nation (October 2007) Letterpress postcard
091 Various - 3 Poems 3 Poets (November 2007) Letterpress booklet

092 Father Luke - The Pages Turned to Dust (February 2008) Chapbook
093 Soheyl Dahi - Her (March 2008) Single story booklet
094 S.A. Griffin - Hope is Hip (April 2008) Letterpress broadside
095 Hosho McCreesh - Marching Unabashed into the Weeping, Searing Sun… (May 2008) Chapbook
096 Various - Ka-Boom (May 2008) Letterpress broadside collection
097 Various - Coasterset (May 2008) Letterpress poetry coasters
098 Richard Krech - Within the Curtilage (August 2008) Chapbook
099 Various - Aggressivebehaviour Anthologytwo (December 2008) Book (with Compulsive Press)
100 Charles Bukowski - I Saw a Tramp Last night (December 2008) Letterpress broadside
101 Bill Roberts - Bottle of Smoke Press: A Bibliographic Checklist (December 2008) Book

102 Bill Roberts - David Barker: A Bibliography (March 2009) Book
103 Various - Bottle No.6 (July 2009) Letterpress broadside collection
104 A.D. Winans - Pigeon Feathers (July 2009) letterpress booklet
105 David Barker - the form appears: bukowski watercolors (September 2009) Postcard collection
106 Neeli Cherkovski - Poem for a Festival (September 2009) Booklet
107 Jordan Hurder - Hitched (September 2009) Booklet
108 Soheyl Dahi - Stories from a Room (November 2009) Book

109 Richard Krech - Pigalle (January 2010) Letterpress broadside
110 Damian Michaels - Echoes from the Tortured Calm (January 2010) Hard cover art book
111 S.A. Griffin - They swear we don't exist (January 2010) Booklet
112 Damian Michaels - The Bishop (March, 2010) Letterpress art print
113 Ellyn Maybe - Someday Our Peace Will Come (March 2010) Letterpress broadside (With Rose of Sharon Press)
114 Neeli Cherkovski - Grotesque Empire (May 2010) Letterpress broadside
115 John Dorsey - The New Definition of Patriotism (July 2010) Letterpress broadside
116 Jason Davis - A Bibliography of Works by Richard Krech (July 2010) Book
117 Richard Krech - Raga #1 (July 2010) Letterpress broadside
118 Ann Menebroker - Sunscreen in the Fog (July 2010) Booklet
119 Various - Athenaeum (October 2010) Clamshell containing 5 hard cover books
120 Owen Roberts - Canada's Finest Poet (October 2010) Chapbook
121 A.D. Winans - Drowning Like Li Po in a River of Red Wine (November 2010) Book
122 Marvin Malone - the head behind is face’s shadow (November 2010) Letterpress art print
123 Christopher Cunningham - War (November 2010) Letterpress broadside
124 Dan Fante - John Fante & the Hollywood Ten (December 2010) small booklet

125 Carol Es - Monsters on Jasmine St. (January 2011) Book of poems and drawings
126 Tom Kryss - Print Shop (February 2011) Single poem booklet
127 John Dorsey - The Death of Language (March 2011) 4 poem letterpress printed booklet
128 David Barker - Death at the Flea Circus (May 2011) A Novel
129 Alexander Adams - Three Strikes (June 2011) 3 poems and 3 drawings
130 Soheyl Dahi - Always Love Always War (October 2011) Book of poetry
131 Henry Denander - POETraits (Art), with Foreword by Samuel Charters. (October 2011) Book of art
132 Jack Hirschman - 2 Arcanes (October 2011) Book of poetry
133 Marvin Malone - Plains Poems (October 2011) Book of poetry and art
134 Thurston Moore - Lion - Cover ill. by Coco Hayley Gordon Moore (October 2011) Book of poetry
135 Joseph Ridgwell - The Tsanta Expedition - Cover Ill. by Marc Snyder (October 2011) Book of fiction
136 Rebecca Schumejda - From Seed to Sin - Ill. by Hosho McCreesh (October 2011) Book of poetry
137 Scott Wannberg- All Your Misplaced Utopias (October 2011) Book of poetry
138 F.N. Wright - The City of New Orleans (October 2011) Book of poetry
139 Damian Michaels - The Odd Man Out (November 2011) Book of art and poetry

140 Charles Plymell (Photo by Gerard Malanga) - Sheet of Artistamps (April 2012)
141 Damian Michaels - Sheet of Artistamps (April 2012)
142 Alexander Adams - Sheet of Artistamps (April 2012)
143 Jenni Fagan - IMPILO/The Acid Burn No Face Man (April 2012) Two Short Stories
144 Richard Krech - Shelf Life (June 2012) Book of poetry
145 Claude Pelieu - Kali Yug Express (July 2012) Cut/Up Novel
146 John Bennett - Manifesto... (November 2012) Broadside
147 Charles Plymell - Tent Shaker Vortex Voice (November 2012) Poetry book
148 Nathan Graziano - Hangover Breakfasts (December 2012) Book
149 Jack Hirschman - ELIXEEVITAN (December 2012) Book

150 A.D. Winans - In the Dead Hours of Dawn (January 2013) Book
151 D.R. Wagner - Private Archaeology (March 2013) Book
152 Neeli Cherkovski - Manila Poems (May 2013) Book
153 Unknown - (SYMBOLS) (May 2013) Book
154 A.D. Winans - 4th of July Poem (May 2013) Broadside
155 Richard Krech - realer than reality (July 2013) Book
156 Alexander Adams - Seahorse (September 2013) Broadside
157 Gerard Malanga - Three Broadside Poems (November 2013) Letterpress Printed Portfolio
158 Allen Ginsberg - November 23, 1963: Alone (November 2013) Book
159 Theo Ellsworth - The Moon's Pull (December 2013) Art Print

160 Pete Seeger - Sheet of Artistamps (July 2014)
161 Lawrence Ferlinghetti - The First and Last of Everything (September 2014) Book
162 Gerard Malanga - Tomboy & Other Tales (September 2014) Book
163 Jack Kerouac & Ed White - Where Celine Raged (October 2014) Book

164 Soheyl Dahi - Tehran Calling (February 2015) Book
165 d.a. levy - One Death in the Life of Julie (March 2015) Book
166 A.D. Winans - America (May 2015) Boradside
167 Charles Plymell - Cowboy of the Ancient Sea (June 2015) Broadside
168 Joseph Ridgwell - Stories (September 2015) Book
169 Stephen Hines - re-translate (December 2015) Book
170 Adrian Manning / Janne Karlsson - Wide Asleep, Fast Awake (December 2015) Book
171 Igor Costanzo, Translated by Jack Hirschman - The Little Door to the Sky (December 2015) Book

172 A.D. Winans - I Am San Francisco (January 2016) Book (w/ Second Coming Press)
173 Ann Menebroker, Illus by Elizabeth Roberts - Black Star Loves Green Tree (February 2016) Broadside
174 Christopher Cunningham & Hosho McCreesh - And Still the Sun at Dusk Blood-Red (March 2016) Book
175 Ronald Baatz - Bird Shadow (March 2016) Book
176 Amber Tamblyn - The Punishment Gift (April 2016) Book
177 Charles Plymell - The Prince of Tides: A Fable (September 2016)Broadside
178 S.A. Griffin - The Good Germans (October 2016) Single Poem Book

179 Bloodshot Bill - Sings Charles Plymell (January 2017) 45PRM Vinyl/Book
180 A.D. Winans - The Day Annie Passed Away (January 2017) Broadside
181 Gerard Malanga - Whisper Sweet Nothings & Other Poems (February 2017) Book
182 Charles Bukowski - Song For This Softly-Sweeping Sorrow (April 2017) Broadside


Books and Broadsides bound or printed by Bill Roberts for other presses

B001 Ross Runfola-Bored Games (X-Ray Book Co) Letterpress broadside

B002 Bill R. Roberts-Beatitudes for a New Generation (X-Ray Book Co) Letterpress broadside
B003 Owen Roberts-Bloviating (Hemispherical Press) Letterpress printed broadside
B004 justin.barrett-The Genealogy of Me (Hemispherical Press) Printed the cover for paperback book

B005 David Michael McNamara-Or (Hemispherical Press) Letterpress cover for chapbook
B006 Jason Heroux-The Morning Light (sunnyoutside) Letterpress printed broadside
B007 Henry Denander-Scureza, 1987 (Privately Printed) Letterpress postcard

B008 Lawrence Ferlinghetti-Two Parisian Models (Sore Dove Press) Art prints
B009 Bill Roberts-Bush's face printed on toilet paper (X-Ray Book Co) Letterpress print
B010 Lawrence Ferlinghetti-Pity the Nation (Sore Dove Press) Letterpress broadside
B0011Various Poets-GPPReader (Guerilla Poetics Press) Letterpress printed the wraparound band

B012 Damian Michaels-Apocalyptic Vision (Artvisionary) Letterpress broadside
B013 Philip Hammial-The Elephant (Artvisionary) Letterpress broadside
B014 Allen Ginsberg-If Not Forever: A Letter to Jack Kerouac (Sore Dove Press) letterpress printed paper edition.
B015 Jack Hirschman-Look A Hear (Sore Dove Press) hand bound hardcover edition
B016 S.A. Griffin-John & Sarah Do D.C. (Bottle of Speech Press) Hardcover booklet
B017 D.A. Pratt-How I feel about the p.m. (Privately printed) Letterpress printed and bound edition

B018 anjani thomas-holy ground (Sore Dove Press) Letterpress printed broadside
B019 Lawrence Ferlinghetti-Song of the Third World Birds (Sore Dove Press) Letterpress book w/ hand painted covers
B020 Lawrence Ferlinghetti-The Statue of Saint Francis (Sore Dove Press) Letterpress broadside
B021 Robert Humphrey-Leonard Cohen: One of Those Guys (Sore Dove Press) hand bound hard cover edition
B022 Various-A Common Thread (Chance Press) I letterpress printed the cover pastedown
B023 David Barker-You’ll Go Blameless (Golden Posterity Press) Book
B024 Christopher Cunningham/Hosho McCreesh-Sunlight At Midnight, Darkness At Noon (Orange Alert Press) I bound the 26 copy hardback edition.

B025 Leonard Cohen-You Do Not Have To Love Me (Sore Dove Press) Letterpress printed broadside
B026 Jack Hirschman-The Molly Arcane (Sore Dove Press) Letterpress booklet in HB & PB w/ hand painted covers
B027 Pamela "Cupcakes" Wood-Scarlet (Sun Dog Press) I bound the 26 copy hardback edition
B028 Joanna McClure-Catching Light (Sore Dove Press) I bound the hard cover edition
B029 David Stephen Calonne-Bebop Buddhist Ecstasy (Sore Dove Press) I bound the hard cover edition
B030 Soheyl Dahi-INTENSITY (Sore Dove Press) I bound the hard cover edition
B031 Various-MILK 1 I letterpress printed the cover.
B032 Lee Ranaldo-Against Refusing (Water Row Press) Hardcover book
B033 Carol Es-16 DANS (Chance Press) I letterpress printed the artwork insert for the deluxe editions

B034 Hosho McCreesh-(ours are but…) (Privately Printed) Letterpress printed and hand rolled broadsides
B035 Brett Harder-Furlqump (Chance Press) I printed the lettering on the covers and signature plate of the books
B036 Bruce Springsteen/Nick Hornby-Thunder Road (Privately Printed) I created the clamshell cases for the contributor's copies of this book

B037 Nicole Hennessy-Black Rabbit (Side Effect Publishing) Paperback and hardcover books
B038 Bill Roberts-John Brown cyanotype (X-Ray Book Co) Contact print
B039 Christa Malone-Artist (Privately Published) Sheet of Artistamps
B040 Hosho McCreesh-Poet (Privately Published) Sheet of Artistamps
B041 Janis Kreicsbergs-Fotografs (Privately Published) Sheet of Artistamps
B042 Nathan Graziano-For My Sister on Her Wedding Day (Privately Published) Broadside
B043 Bill Roberts-April (APHA Chesapeake Chapter) Calendar Page

B044 Carol Es-Today's Quandary (Careless Press) Paperback and hardcover books
B045 David Barker-Opal's Trails (Pig Ear Press) Paperback and hardcover books
B046 Hosho McCreesh-A Deep & Gorgeous Thirst (Artistically Declined Press) hardcover books
B047 (Poetry Journal)-Milk 2 (Milk Poetry Magazine) Paperback and hardcover books
B048 Nevill Drury with Damian Michaels-Nevill Drury: An Annotated Bibliography 1972-2013 (Art Visionary) Designed & Typeset books/letterpress printed artwork
B049 Carol Es-HOUSES (Careless Press) Letterpress printed some paces and cover of this artist's book
B050 John Dorsey-these days (Published by the author) broadside
B051 Charles Plymell-(Sonnet) (Published by Kicks Books) broadside
B052 Charles Plymell-Loser (Published by Kicks Books) broadside
B053 Bill Roberts-April (APHA Chesapeake Chapter) Calendar Page
B054 Damian Michaels-Heirosgamos (Art Visionary Press) Art Print.

B055 Hosho McCreesh-At the Chalet (Privately Published) Designed & printed broadside.
B056 Kim Deitch-A Dietch Miscellany (Chance Press) Printed cover and some art for the deluxe edition.
B057 Michael Bruner-Natural Geographics (Published by Rose of Sharon Press) Designed, printed & bound pb & hb books.
B058 S. Clay Wilson-Shlork! (Checkered Demon) (Published by Water Row Press) Letterpress printed bookplates.
B059 Robert Lax-Dear Jack: Heart Not Head (Published by Water Row Press) Designed, printed & bound hardcover books.
B060 Bill Roberts-April (APHA Chesapeake Chapter) Calendar Page

B061 (Poetry Journal)-MILK 3/4 (Published by Josh Johnson & Abel Debritto) Designed, printed & bound pb & hb books.
B062 (Spanish Poetry Journal)-Tropelias (Published by Abel Debritto) Designed, printed & bound pb and hb books.
B063 John Dorsey-Poet (Privately Printed) Artistamps.
B064 Juan Carlos Mestre-Miró (Published by Abel Debritto) Designed & printed broadside.
B065 No Author-First Stamps of Coronis (Privately Printed) Letterpress Artistamp commemorative sheet.
B066 John Dorsey / D.R. Wagner-24 Poems (Published by Hydeout Press) Designed, printed & bound pb & hb books.
B067 Bill Roberts-Malanga Shooting Plymell (Published by X-Ray Book Co) Designed & printed modern ambrotype on acetate.
B068 Charles Plymell-CAT MAN DO (Published by Cherry Valley Editions) Designed, printed & bound pb & hb books.
B069 Nico Mensinga-Freud, Buddha & Me (Published by Ragged Lion Press) Designed & printed broadsides.
B070 Charles Plymell-Neal Cassady (Published by Ragged Lion Press) Designed & printed broadsides.

B071 Charles Plymell-Incognito, Ergo Sum (Published by Ragged Lion Press) Designed, printed & bound pb & hb books.

Items not listed on our Order page may be available on or from one of the following booksellers:

City Lights (San Francisco, California)
Water Row Books (Sudbury, Massachusetts)
Jeff Maser Bookseller (Berkeley, California)
The Book Collector (Sacramento, California)
Skyline Books (Forest Knolls, California)
Mac's Backs (Cleveland, Ohio)
Bokmagasinet (Stockholm, Sweden)
Pages Books (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
Powell's Books (Portland, Oregon)
The Bookshop at Queens (Belfast, Northern Ireland)
Third Mind Books (Ann Arbor, Michigan)
Kilgore Books (Denver, Colorado)

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