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Alexander Adams is an artist and art critic, who was born in London and studied art at Goldsmith's College, London. After living in Britain and Barcelona, he moved to Berlin in 2007. He was artist-in-residence at the Albers Foundation, Connecticut in 2011. Bottle of Smoke Press published his first books of poems.

Ulvis Alberts is a writer and photographer born in Riga, Latvia in 1942. He graduated from the University of Washington in Radio-TV Communications. In the late 1960s, he published his first photo essays in Seattle newspapers. He is the author of Poker Face and Poker Face 2, published in 2006. This is a limited edition of signed and numbered copies of 2,000. It covers the "The World Series of Poker" (1977-2006). His latest book of photographs is Camera As Passport (1966-2008) a compilation of his Hollywood celebrity photographs, musicians (i.e. Bob Dylan, 1966; Jimi Hendrix, 1968; Grateful Dead, 1967; and journeys to Latvia during the Soviet occupation period.) It won the book of the year award in the Baltic States in 2009. He is represented in Europe by the Birkenfelds gallery ( and his web site is: (

Gary Aposhian (1962-2007) was a friend, a poet, and the publisher behind 12 Gauge Press and Freethought Publications. He passed away in 2007 at the age of 45.

Ronald Baatz lives with his wife Andra, and their cat Mooch, in Troy, New York. His most recent book, Devouring Birds, was published by Blind Dog Press in Australia.

Geoffrey M. Barber had a poem appear in Bottle of Smoke Press' Six Pack #4 in September 2004. He is the author of Bleeding: New Poems.

David Barker David Barker's short stories and poems have been published in many small press chapbooks, little magazines and anthologies in the U. S. and Europe since the early 1970s. In 2011, Bottle Of Smoke Press published his novel, Death At The Flea Circus. In 2013 he published the third volume of a serialized horror novel, Electro-Thrall Zombies, and Opal's Trails, a tiny book of poems about nature diarist, Opal Whiteley that was printed and designed by Bottle of Smoke Press and published by Pig Ear Press. In collaboration with W. H. Pugmire, David has just completed a Lovecraftian horror novella, The Revenant of Rebecca Pascal, which will be published in mid-2014 by Dark Renaissance Books. He's currently collaborating with Jordan Hofer on a non-fiction book about alien abduction, Little Gray Bastards, to be issued by Schiffer Publishing, and also collaborating with W. H. Pugmire on Specters of Lovecraftian Horror -- a collection of short stories to be published by Dark Renaissance Books in 2015.

justin.barrett lives in Salt Lake City, Utah with his wife and dog. He works as a chemist, but considers himself primarily a poet (though some editors might disagree). He has been writing for over 12 years and publishing in the small press and online for over 10. He was also nominated for the Pushcart Prize for his first chapbook, i was a third grade genius... He was the editor of the poetry webzine remark. He started Hemispherical Press in mid-2003.

John Bennett poses as a small-press icon from yesteryear but is actually an undercover agent for NSA and Homeland Security. He writes "Shards" which, when read, transmit the reader's thought patterns directly into a Thought Pattern Data Base at CIA headquarters in Langley. 80% of the detainees at Guantanamo are there because of what was revealed about their thought patterns from reading Shards. Bennett has been twice nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize but was passed over in favor of individuals on the FBI's Red Alert Suspicion List... Disappointed, Bennett is now into writing novels and short stories; information on these books can be found here: His novel Children of the Sun & Earth will be published in Czech translation in early 2014 by Mata Publishers, Prague.

Richard Brautigan (1935-1984) was the author of many novels, stories and poems.

Charles Bukowski (1920-1994) was a legendary Los Angeles poet.

Harry Calhoun (1953-2015) was a poet whose articles, literary essays, book reviews and poems have been published in magazines including Writer's Digest and The National Enquirer. Recently, his online chapbook Dogwalking Poems and his trade paperback, I knew Bukowski like you knew a rare leaf, were published. The latter is now available from Trace Publications and on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other online booksellers. He has had recent publications in Chiron Review, Still Crazy, SNReview, Orange Room Review, Bird's Eye review, Abbey, Monongahela Review and many others. Recently, he was one of 12 poets invited to LiteraryMary's anthology, Outstanding Men of the Small Press

Alan Catlin is from Schenectady, New York. He has been publishing in small press and university magazines since the early 1970s. He recently retired from his profession as a barman after spending 25 years in Albany's legendary Washington Tavern. He has won numerous awards and contests and has been nominated 21 times for Puschcart Prize. His latest full length poetry collection is "Alien Nation", four thematically related chapbooks in one volume.

Neeli Cherkovski is a longtime contributor to the West Coast literary scene. Emerging from the Los Angeles underground of the Sixties, Cherkovski, now in mid-career, has surfaced as an applauded poet, critic and literary biographer. He has written nine books of poetry, including Manila Poems, Elegy for Bob Kaufman, and Animal; two acclaimed biographies, Bukowski: A Life and Ferlinghetti: A Biography; his book, Whitman's Wild Children (a collection of critical memoirs), has become an underground classic. In the late 1960s Cherkovski co-edited the poetry anthology Laugh Literary and Man the Humping Guns with Charles Bukowski.

Dave Church (1947-2008) Lived in Providence, Rhode Island where he drove a cab. He has published eight chapbooks of poetry. He passed away on Thanksgiving Day, 2008.

Gato Clemente (1962-2007) was a pen name for Gary Aposhian.

Leonard Cohen was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in 1934. He is a poet, singer and songwriter of wide international fame. I printed his first broadside, You Do Not Have to Love Me for Sore Dove Press in 2008. It was limited to an edition of 100 regular copies and only 26 copies signed by Mr. Cohen.

Glenn W. Cooper's poems have been widely published in the small press and beyond. His latest books include Outrun Your Fate from Lummox Press, and Planet Ali from Blind Dog Press and distributed at . He works as an inventory manager in an independent bookstore.

Christopher Cunningham is a strange freak, improvising upon an old IBM typewriter. Cunningham prefers leathery Bordeaux wines, mid-sixties Miles Davis and sleeping past noon whenever possible. He has published seven books of poetry, including Thru the Heart of This Animal Life, A Measure of Impossible Humor (Liquid Paper Press; 2005), And Still The Night Left To Go: Poems & Letters (Bottle of Smoke Press; 2006) and Flowers In The Shadow Of The Storm (Sunnyoutside, 2007). Cunningham lives with his girlfriend of sixteen years and his dog of one year in a dusty suburban compound outside of Atlanta, Ga. He can be reached through

Soheyl Dahi is an Iranian-born artist and writer. Soheyl Dahi, has lived in San Francisco since the late seventies. He is the author of three books of poems and a book interviewing Lawence Ferlinghetti. His paintings have been shown in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. His last book of poems, Stories from a Room, was published by Bottle of Smoke Press in 2006.

Evan Dashevsky is a freelance writer in Brooklyn, NY. He has had two off-Broadway plays produced in very small venues that a stretch of the imagination could call theaters. He has been published all over the web and in print.

Holly Day lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with her husband and two children. Over the past 23 years, her poetry, fiction, and nonfiction have appeared in over 3,000 print and online publications internationally, including Guitar One, Poetry International, Literary Mama, and The Long Islander. Her most recent nonfiction books are Music Theory for Dummies, Music Composition for Dummies, and Walking Twin Cities.

Eric Dejaeger (1958-20**) writes in French and sometimes translates his stuff in English. Since 2000, he's been running the small mag Microbe in which he regularly publishes translations from Anglo-Saxon poets.

Henry Denander was born in 1952 and lives in Stockholm, Sweden. He is an artist and a poet and his latest book The Accidental Navigator was published by Lummox Press. He has a website with poetry and art at

John Dorsey's work has recently appeared in Mystery Island Magazine, fearless, Poesy, Spent Meat, Open Wide, Mouseion, Liquid Ohio, Underground Voices, Dublin Quarterly, and in Little Boy Beat: Selected Poems published by Paladin M&E, Inc. He is also the co-author of The Price of Sunshine with Iris Berry, forthcoming from Feel Free Press.

Greg Dulli is a singer and songwriter for Afghan Whigs and Twilight Singers. Two amazing bands. Bottle of Smoke Press published his first poetry piece in Bottle No.3.

Carol Es is a Los Angeles, self-taught artist, writer, and musician born in 1968. Her artwork and prose are fueled by childhood memory, kooky dreams, and personal experiences. As a teen, she worked as a pattern cutter in the apparel industry while establishing herself as a drummer, distributing her own chapbooks and hand-made zines. She toured in various bands, performing and recording rock, punk, hip hop and R&B. Carol's artwork is featured in numerous private and public collections, including the Getty Museum, Brooklyn Museum, UCLA Special Collections, and Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris. She was also awarded the Pollock-Krasner Fellowship in 2010. She lives in northeast LA with her strange boyfriend ( and their little dog, Gemma.

Jenni Fagan is an award winning Scottish poet and novelist. Her novel The Panopticon is published in eight languages and recently graced the front cover of The New York Times book review. Selected as one of the Best Young British Novelists for the next decade by Granta, Jenni is currently completing the film script for The Panopticon, which is in production with Ken Loach. Her novel The Sunlight Pilgrims is due out with Random House (UK and US) and she is finishing her third poetry collection, and a book of short stories. Jenni is currently Writer in Residence at Edinburgh University.

Dan Fante (1944-2015) was born and raised in Los Angeles. At twenty, he quit school and hit the road, eventually ending up as a New York City resident for twelve years. Fante has worked at dozens of crummy jobs including: door to door salesman, taxi driver, window washer, telemarketer, private investigator, night hotel manager, chauffeur, mailroom clerk, deck hand, dishwasher, carnival barker, envelope stuffer, dating service counselor, furniture salesman, and parking attendant. His website is

Lawrence Ferlinghetti was born in Yonkers, New York, in 1919. In 1953, Ferlinghetti opened the City Lights Books Shop in San Francisco. In 1955, they launched City Light Publishing, a book-publishing venture. He is the author of more than thirty books of poetry, including Americus, Book I (New Directions, 2004), San Francisco Poems (2002), How to Paint Sunlight (2001), A Far Rockaway of the Heart (1997), These Are My Rivers: New & Selected Poems, 1955-1993 (1993), Over All the Obscene Boundaries: European Poems & Transitions (1984), Who Are We Now? (1976), The Secret Meaning of Things (1969), and A Coney Island of the Mind (1958). He was named the first Poet Laureate of San Francisco in 1998. In 2000, he received the lifetime achievement award from the National Book Critics Circle. Currently, Ferlinghetti writes a weekly column for the San Francisco Chronicle. He also continues to operate the City Lights bookstore, and he travels frequently to participate in literary conferences and poetry readings.

Amanda Fleming lives in Kenilworth, NJ where she recently graduated from High School. She is the youngest poet to be published by Bottle of Smoke Press.

Al Fogel is the author of Charles Bukowski: A Comprehensive Price Guide & Checklist.

Hugh Fox (1932-2011) was a poet, scholar, teacher and archaeologist who, since 1968, was a teacher at Michigan State University. He had over 66 books to his credit, and was a pivotal and enduring presence in the small press market.

Clint Frakes was selected as one of the 50 Best New Poets of 2008. Also in 2008 he received the Josephine Darner Distinguished Poet award and the Pudding House Chapbook Prize. He is a graduate of the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics and the Northern Arizona University writing program, and received his Ph.D. with emphasis in creative writing from the University of Hawaii in 2006. He has appeared in over 100 journals in North America, England, Australia and Argentina since 1987. He is the former chief editor of Hawaii Review and Big Rain, and currently working as a freelance writer/editor and wilderness guide in northern Arizona.

Ed Galing (1917-2013) was the poet laureate of Hatboro, PA.

Allen Ginsberg (1926-1997) was an American poet and one of the leading figures of both the Beat Generation of the 1950s and the counterculture that soon would follow. He vigorously opposed militarism, economic materialism and sexual repression. Ginsberg is best known for his epic poem Howl, in which he denounced what he saw as the destructive forces of capitalism and conformity in the United States.

John Goode's poems have appeared in magazines such as Rattle, Slipstream, Arsenic Lobster, Bottle of Smoke, Afterhours Press, Mudfish, and Skidrow Penthouse (his favorite). He was nominated for a Pushcart Prize in 2004. He was Runner-Up for the Neil Postman Award for Metaphor from Rattle in 2008. And his chapbook, Graduating from Eternity, was First Runner-Up for the Ronald Wardall Award from Rain Mountain Press in 2009. He lives in Chicago, and bartends somewhere along the dark shores of the moon.

Nathan Graziano lives in Manchester, New Hampshire. He is the author of three collections of poetry - Not So Profound (Green Bean Press, 2003), Teaching Metaphors (Sunnyoutside Press, 2007) and After the Honeymoon (Sunnyoutside Press, 2009) - a collection of short stories, Frostbite (Green Bean Press, 2002), and several chapbooks of fiction and poetry. A chapbook of short prose pieces titled Hangover Breakfasts was published by Bottle of Smoke Press in 2012, and Marginalia Publishing recently released a novella titled Some Sort of Ugly. For more information, visit his website at

S.A. Griffin lives, loves and works in Los Angeles. Carma Bum progenitor, he is the co-editor of The Outlaw Bible of American Poetry. Honored to be the only poet to appear in all six Bottle of Smoke broadside collections, his titles include A One Legged Man Standing Casually On Hollywood Blvd Smoking A Cigarette, Heaven Is One Long Naked Dance, Duckwalking Thru The Apocalypse (Bottle of Smoke), They Swear We Don't Exist (Bottle of Smoke) and Numbskull Sutra. In 2010 he created Elsie The Poetry Bomb, a former Vietnam era practice bomb converted into an art object and filled with over 900 poems from around the world. Between April-June 2010, he drove over 11,000 miles in 5 weeks with Elsie on his Poetry Bomb 2010 Couch Surfing Across America Tour of Words performing in libraries, high schools, coffee houses, bookstores, theaters, art galleries, old one room schoolhouses, in front of the Parthenon in Nashville and back yard BBQs using poetry to hopefully inspire civil disagreements. His newest collection, Dreams Gone Mad With Hope, is due out in March of 2014. A working actor for 35 years, he is a father, husband and Vietnam era veteran of the USAF.

Bradley Mason Hamlin was born in Los Angeles and raised on both the east and west sides of the territory. He served in the United States Navy from 1981 to 1984. He now writes poems, short stories, and novels and works for Mystery Island Publications. His hobbies include watching cartoons and listening to the blues.

Christopher Harter is a librarian and poet, as well as the founder of Pathwise Press and the editor of the literary magazine, Bathtub Gin.

Robert Head was born Jan 7, 1942 in Memphis Tennessee. His plays Sancticity and Kill Viet Cong were published in the Tulane Drama Review. From 1968 to 1974 he co-edited NOLA Express with Darlene Fife. Since 1978 he has owned and operated the Bookstore in Lewisburg, WV. A lifelong poet, he has been widely published in the small press and self-publishes chapbooks of his poetry.

Stephen Hines lives and writes in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. His website is

Jack Hirschman has been a political activist and an advocate for the homeless for most of his adult life. He has written many books and is also a translator of the kind of poetry that would otherwise remain unseen and unheard in the United States. He was the fourth Poet Laureate of San Francisco.

Jeffrey Scott Holland is an artist, writer and musician living both in New York City and in Louisville, Kentucky. He is an active member of the Stuckist and Remodernist art movements, holding a traveling exhibit of Stuckist art in the United States in 2001, and co-curating the Deatrick Gallery, the first Remodernist art gallery worldwide.

Nick Hornby is the author of 11 books, including High Fidelity and About a Boy. His latest novel is Juliet, Naked. Bottle of Smoke Press, along with our friends at Lead Graffiti, letterpress printed the cover and bound 200 paper copies and 26 hardcover copies of the book Thunder Road, which contained an essay by Nick Hornby and lyric by Bruce Springsteen. All copies were signed by Nick Hornby and the hardcover copies were signed by Nick Hornby & Bruce Springsteen.

Jordan Hurder lives in Oakland, CA. He is the co-publisher (along with his wife Justine) of Chance Press, as well as a fairly non-prolific writer. He has been published in various magazines and anthologies, and his essays about books and book collecting appear on his blog, at

John Kay lives and works in Heidelberg, Germany as an education counselor. He has an MFA from the University of Arizona, taught writing for the University of Maryland in its European Division for many years, and worked as a mental health therapist at Providence Medical Center in Portland, Oregon. His poems have appeared in many magazines, including Kayak, New York Quarterly, Wormwood Review, Clackamas Literary Review, Bellevue Literary Review, Texas Poetry Review, Chiron Review, Pearl, Jewish Currents and many others. He has three chapbooks, the most recent, Further Evidence of Someone, from Eyelite Press.

Arthur Winfield Knight (1937-2012) had more than 3,000 poems, short stories and film reviews published in magazines and anthologies. He has written six novels, an imaginary autobiography, a real autobiography, and co-edited several anthologies (with Kit Knight). Poems and stories have been translated into Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Serbo-Croatian, Spanish and Turkish. He has taught in several universities, including University of San Francisco, and was a columnist for Senior Spectrum in Sacramento.

Karl Koweski lives in Northern Alabama.

Richard Krech was born in 1946. In 1966 he started a poetry magazine, Avalanche, and sponsored open poetry readings at a bookstore on Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley, California for several years. His first chapbook was published by D. A. Levy in Cleveland. Krech had several other small books of poetry published, as well as work published in numerous poetry magazines. In 1976, Krech started law school and has practiced criminal defense in Oakland, California from 1980 until the present. He now has a primarily appellate practice. In 2001, after a 25+ year line break, he began writing poetry again and has had several chapbooks published and more poems appear in several magazines. An extensive bibliography compiled by Jason Davis can be found at Verdant Press.

tom kryss lives among the forested hills and small farms of northeast Ohio with his wife in a trailer which resembles a houseboat in spirit and depth. Clear views of the stars obtain, and eagles are regularly sighted riding the thermals in the near distance.

Hilary (Krzywkowski) Flexer was born on the east side of Cleveland Ohio, and lived there for 18 years before moving with her parents to Ravenna. She attended the Columbus College of Art and Design, and Kent State University where she studied Fine Art and English (she published poetry and art under her own press, Grey Sparrow; and, decided to drop out of college). She declared Israeli citizenship under right of return and now resides with her husband, David in the Gush Etzion. From there she plans to continue her artistic pursuits while living on a religious Moshav in the Golan with her husband as a bee keeper and tree farmer. She no longer considers herself a solo writer or artist, but rather, sees her artistic endeavors as a joint effort with her husband; in which the two of them have come to incorporate their spirituality with their craft.

Marie Lascu lives in Michigan. She used to have a website at, but now it is gone.

d.a. levy (1942-1968) Lived his life in Cleveland, Ohio and was well known as a poet and publisher. He was harassed by the police and jailed twice for saying things that needed to be said at a time when they needed to be said. He died by his own hand at the age of 26.

Gerald Locklin has taught English since 1965 at California State University, Long Beach and is the author of over 125 books and chapbooks or poetry, fiction, and criticism, with over 3000 poems, stories, articles, reviews, and interviews published in periodicals. His writings are archived and indexed by the Special Collections of the CSULB library.

Father Luke was made in Santa Cruz, November 7th, 1959 at six forty five in the evening. He still does best at night, and still lives in Santa Cruz, California. He writes fiction and poems. His website is

Michael Madsen is an actor and lives in California. He has five books of poetry published.

Gerard Malanga, poet, photographer and filmmaker, worked closely with Andy Warhol duing the artist's most creative period in the mid-Sixties. His several books of poetry, ranging from chic death (1971) to No Respect: New & Selected Poems (2001), have earned him worldwide recognition.

Marvin Malone (1930-1996) was a poet, artist and publisher of The Wormwood Review for over 30 years.

Adrian Manning was born in England in 1967. He is the author of several books of poetry. His first book Wretched Songs for Out of Tune Musicians was published by Bottle of Smoke Press.

E. William Martin is the author of Judas Tree (WCP) available at and the upcoming Paper Spirits (WCP). He has his degree from Virginia Commonwealth University and has been published most recently in the Red River Review, Millennium, Richmond Poets Against the War, Dead Mule, Gin Bender Poetry Review, and the Whispers Anthology.

Jake Marx is a poet living in Cleveland, Ohio.

Hosho McCreesh is currently writing & painting in the gypsum & caliche badlands of the American Southwest. His work has appeared widely in print, audio, & online. Information can be found at:

Ann Menebroker was born in Washington D.C. in 1936. She has lived in California since 1944. Menebroker's first collection came out in 1968. Since then other books and broadsides have followed, including the Outlaw-Bible of American Poetry (co-Edited by S.A. Griffin). After a two year poetry composition class, she began publishing her poems in the little mags in 1957. Bottle of Smoke Press published Sunscreen in the Fog in 2010. Kamini Press from Sweden did another small collection of hers The Measure of Small Gratitudes in 2011. In 2013, an 8 poem collection A Half a Dozen of This & That was published by UnhillBothWays Micropress.

Damian Michaels is an amazing artist who lives in Australia. We published a book of his artwork, Echoes from the Tortured Calm and an art print of his titled The Bishop.

Briana Miller was born October 31, 1980. She is a comic book writer, illustrator and fine artist. Briana received her BFA in Studio Art from Scripps College. She currently lives in Oakland, CA. Briana enjoys orange soda.

Robert Miltner is Assistant Professor of English at Kent State University Stark Campus where he teaches creative writing, composition, contemporary American literature, and Irish literature. He is the author of three poetry chapbooks: On the Off-Ramp, The Seamless Serial Hour, and Against the Simple, as well as an artists' book, Ghost of a Chance.

Thurston Moore is a founding member of the New York City group Sonic Youth. He is also a poet and publisher of the magazine Arthur

R. Randolph Nesbitt had a poem appear in Bottle of Smoke Press' Six Pack #3 in July 2004.

Charles Nevsimal lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and runs Centennial Press (

Norman J. Olson is a poet and artist living in Minnesota. His website is

Robert L. Penick is crazy. He took a road trip last summer to the upper peninsula of Michigan so he could hang out with fellow contributor Mark Senkus. He also edits Chance Magazine, and recently published an excellent collection, Fuck Death.

Michael Phillips lives in Los Angeles. This was written by him in the third person, to give the illusion that someone other than himself is interested in what he does. He has published several poetry and short story collections, and is currently at work on a full length autobiography/memoir about his life and career as a punk rock and reggae musician. The book is tentatively titled, "A Passport and a Clean Pair of Socks." Coming soon to a gas station or 7-11 near you. Keep up with the exciting life and times of Mr. Phillips at the worldwide web Internet site,

Charles Plymell was born in Finney County, Kansas in 1935. He is the author of 10 books and currently lives in Cherry Valley, NY.

Charles Potts was the driving force underneath The Temple Bookstore, The Temple magazine, and The Temple School of Poetry. He founded Litmus Inc. in Seattle and Berkeley which published 18 first editions including Charles Bukowski's Poems Written Before Jumping Out of an 8-Story Window in 1968. Potts is frequently on TV and radio nationwide. Recent Charles Potts books include a reprint of Little Lord Shiva: The Berkeley Poems, 1968, from Glass Eye Books; Lost River Mountain from Blue Begonia Press; Fascist Haikus from Acid Press; Angio Gram from D Press; Nature Lovers from Pleasure Boat Studio; Slash and Burn with Robert McNealy from Blue Begonia Press; and Across the North Pacific from Slough Press in College Station, Texas.

Lee Ranaldo is a composer, visual artist, writer, and founding member of the New York City group Sonic Youth, who continue to record new music and tour the world on a regular basis. Their most recent record, The Eternal, was released in June 2009 on Matador Records. His visual+sound works have been shown at galleries and museums around the world. His most recent solo recording is Maelstrom from Drift [2008, Three-Lobed]. BoSP printed and bound his latest hardback book, Against Refusing, an an edition of 150 copies for Water Row Press.

C. Allen Rearick was born in 1978 in Cleveland, Ohio where he still lives. He is the co-author of From Cali to Cleve; as well as 2 (both from Green Panda Press.) His work has been published in such online and print magazines as: Zygote in my coffee, Dogmatika, Identity Theory, Opium, Remark, Mad Hatters' Review, My favorite bullet, Open Wide Magazine, Half druk muse and many more. Visit him online at:

Joseph Ridgwell was raised in East London and is a cult figure of the literary underground both in the UK and abroad. After a drug-induced epiphany on a remote Mexican beach the author invented Cosmic Realism and shortly afterwards his work began to appear in obscure literary magazines and small artisan presses. To date Ridgwell has published five collections of poetry, two short story collections, a novella and two novels. His latest collection of poetry, A Child of the Jago, (described as a classic by Heathcote Williams author of Whale Nation) was released by Kilmog Press in December 2013. A second collection of stories is due for publication by Bottle of Smoke Press in April 2014. Ridgwell is a regular contributor to the Tooting Free Press and Push Magazine. More of Ridgwell's boozy insane writings are imminent. For further details of the authors work and current state of mind go to his website:

Edward J. Rielly is Professor of English at Saint Joseph's College of Maine.

Bill R. Roberts runs Bottle of Smoke Press.

Owen Roberts lives in Toronto, Canada with his three children. CANADA'S FINEST POET was published by Bottle of Smoke Press in late 2010.

Ross Runfola is a Woodrow Wilson fellow, Phi Beta Kappa and summa cum laude graduate of the University of Buffalo,where he also earned his J.D. and PhD degrees. He has done post doctoral work at Stanford University and, in 2006, finished a residency at Oxford University. Runfola is an award winning attorney, professor and journalist, with a New York Times article selected unanimously by the nation's sports editors as the best sports feature in any newspaper or magazine. He has written hundreds of articles, film scripts and two books: Runfola co-edited with Donald Sabo, Jock: Sports and Male Identity, and in 2006, co-authored the textbook Understanding Sociology. What ,gives him the most pleasure, however, is writing poetry.

Rebecca Schumejda s the author of several poetry collections including: Cadillac Men (NYQ Books, 2012); From Seed to Sin(bottle of Smoke 2011); Falling Forward (sunnyoutside, 2009); The Map of Our Garden (verve bath, 2009); Dream Big Work Harder (sunnyoutside press 2006) and The Tear Duct of the Storm (Green Bean Press, 2001). She received a BA in English and Creative Writing from SUNY New Paltz and a MA in Poetics and Creative Writing from San Francisco State University. Her new book Waiting at the Dead End Diner is forthcoming from Bottom Dog Press in early 2014.

John Oliver Simon wrote his first poem at the age of 14 under a full moon and has dedicated himself to poetry - writing, then teaching and finally translating it for over fifty years. He has had over 700 poems and translations published from 1965-2007 in journals in the United States and abroad.

Larry Smith is a native of the Industrial Ohio Valley who now lives along the Great Lake Erie. His poetry, fiction, and literary biographies of Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Kenneth Patchen are supported by his editing work at Bottom Dog Press. A born outsider working to get the word out... that's what he'd like to be known as.

Matt Smith is a belly dancing musician and verbal improvisor living in North Carolina. His written works have appeared in fine literary journals throughout the world. In 2006, Smith went on sabbatical to learn to play the accordion nude while under the influence of peyote.

Marc Snyder is a professional artist living in Connecticut. He has a Master of Fine Arts degree in printmaking from Indiana University and a Bachelors degree in studio art from the University of Virginia.

Bruce Springsteen is a legendary singer/songwriter from New Jersey. Bottle of Smoke Press, along with our friends at Lead Graffiti, letterpress printed the cover and bound 200 paper copies and 26 hard cover copies of the book Thunder Road, which contained an essay by Nick Hornby and lyric by Bruce Springsteen. All copies were signed by Nick Hornby and the hardcover copies were signed by Nick Hornby and Bruce Springsteen.

Amber Tamblyn has been a writer and actress since the age of 9. She has been nominated for an Emmy, Golden Globe and Independent Spirit Award for her work in television and film. In 2005 Simon & Schuster published her debut collection of poetry Free Stallion which was written over more than a decade. She is the co-founder of the nonprofit Write Now Poetry Society which works to build an audience for unique poetry events ( In 2015 Harper Perinnial published Dark Sparkler, her 4th book of poetry. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband, comedian David Cross

Kent Taylor was an integral part of the Cleveland mimeo scene of the 1960's. He now lives in San Francisco, CA. He has had many books of poetry published. His online bibliography can be found at

Mark Terrill shipped out of San Francisco as a merchant seaman to the Far East and beyond, studied and spent time with Paul Bowles in Tangier, Morocco, and his lived in Germany since 1984, where he's worked as a shipyard welder, road manager for rock bands, cook and postal worker. He is the author of Bread & Fish (The Figures, 2002), The United Colors of Death (Pathwise Press, 2003), The Salvador-Dalai-Lama Express (Main Street Rag, 2009), Laughing Butcher Berlin Blues (Poetry Salzburg, 2010) and 21 other collections of poetry, prose, memoir and translations. Other writings and translations have appeared in over 600 literary journals and anthologies worldwide, including City Lights Review, Bombay Gin, Denver Quarterly, Skanky Possum, Gargoyle, Rattle, Zen Monster, Talisman, Partisan Review, Jacket, etc.

Anjani Thomas is an American singer-songwriter and pianist, best known for her work with Leonard Cohen. We designed and letterpress printed her first poem broadside, Holy Ground for Sore Dove Press.

Scott Wannberg (1953-2011) Was a Carma Bum who spent his life working as a clerk and book buyer for independent bookstores, most notably Dutton's Bookstore in Brentwood, CA. A prolific poet his books include Mr. Mumps, The Electric Yes Indeed!, Amnesia Motel, Juice! The Musical, Equal Opportunity Sledgehammer, Nomads of Oblivion, Strange Movie Full of Death and Tomorrow Is Another Song. His newest collection of poems, The Official Language of Yes, is due out sometime in 2014. Born in Santa Monica, CA, Scott had a Master's Degree in Creative Writing from San Francisco State University. He passed away too soon at the age of 58 in August 2011.

Jeffrey Weinberg runs Water Row Books and Water Row Press. He lives in Sudbury, Massachusetts.

Kelley Jean White was born and raised in New Hampshire, has degrees from Dartmouth College and Harvard Medical School, and has been a pediatrician in inner-city Philadelphia for the past twenty-five years working with families challenged by poverty, substance abuse, and domestic violence. "I write to survive."

Harry R. Wilkins was born in 1945 in the French/American garrison town of Kaiserslautern (in the former French Occupation Zone of Germany.) He was always hanging around with American and especially French soldiers. Wrote newspaper articles and poetry in German and French and published from 1977 to 1981 in Bavaria the anarchist quarterly Conflict. Background journalist in Athens from 1984 to 1987. Harry has been living since 1991 in Geneva and continues to write his poetry directly into his familiar "GI-English" for many zines all over the world and several chapbooks, like The Hit Man (also in Arabic), Terre Promise, Zombies (bilingual), Pig's Hell, Un autre monde, Abyss (English/Greek) and the first three versions of Piss Talks (one of them in English/Korean). In 1997, along with others, he founded the Docker Movement for free, non-adademic poetry accessible to everybody and was the editor of the Dockernet newsletter.

A.D. Winans is a native San Francisco poet and writer. He is the author of 60 books and chapbooks of poetry and prose and his work has appeared in well over a thousand literary magazines and anthologies. He edited and published Second Coming for 17 years. He worked for the San Francisco Arts Commission from 1975-80, during which time he produced the 1980 Poets and Music Festival, honoring the poet Josephine Miles and John Lee Hooker, the Blues legend. A poem of his was set to music and performed at Tully Hally, NYC. In 2006 he was awarded a PEN Josephine Miles award for excellence in literature, for his book This Land Is Not My Land, published by Presa Press, who also published a book of his Selected Poems in 2007. In 2012 His book, San Francisco Poems, was published by Little Red Tree Publishing. His first collection of short stories, In the Pink, will be published by Pedestrian Press in 2014. Also scheduled for publication in 2014 is a book of literary prose, Dead Lions, concerning his relationship with poets Bob Kaufman, Charles Bukowski, and Jack Micheline, and with writer and screenwriter Alvah Bessie.

F.N. Wright (1940-2012) was born in Illinois but lived in California. He was a Vietnam veteran and had three novels published; one of which was translated and published in Germany. He also had two poetry chapbooks published that contain his artwork. His poetry and short stories have been published both online and in numerous anthologies. Bottle of Smoke published his last book, The City of New Orleans in late 2011. He passed away in March 2012.


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